04 September 2006


Coming off one of the hottest winning streaks in franchise history. Not good enough.

His young players have overachieved since an 11-31 start. Not good enough.

He has done more with the majors' lowest payroll (about $15 million) than any manager i
n recent history. Not good enough.

He is one of the leading candidates for the National League Manager of the Year Award. Nope, sorry Joe.

The Florida Marlins remain in the NL wild-card chase despite all of the odds stacked against them. Sorry again.

However, Girardi is on his way out as manager of the Marlins.

Marlins whack-job owner and Benny Hill look-a-like Jeffrey Loria gives Girardi little credit for the teams successes.

''Managers obviously have some input during the course of the season,'' Loria told reporters, ''but what's important is the product that's put on the field by the baseball department as well. An amazing job was done by our organization before we started this season.''

Right, And if the Marlins finished last it would be the managers fault, period. What a flaming idiot this cluck is!

On Aug. 6, when Loria, seated next to the dugout, was told by Girardi to shut up after yelling at the plate umpire. Rightly so. Eventhough it would have been great seeing an umpire toss an owner. Loria reportedly fired Girardi after the game, only to be talked out of the moronic move by his baseball staff.

''I'm sure all 25 guys in here would love to see him back,'' veteran infielder Wes Helms said. ''All 25 guys have gotten used to him. They know what he expects of the team. The players and him have kind of bonded. That helps out when you can work with guys over a year's time and get to know them.''

Bottom Line: If the Marlins don't win the wild card, Girardi is out.

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