03 July 2006


Jeremy Sowers . Add that name to the list of minor league scrubs to defeat Yankee hitters.

In his 2nd major league start Sowers went 7 giving up 6 hits and 2 earned runs His only mistake was giving up the 2 run longball to the Giambino. (He also K'd him twice.)

Before Torre and others squawk about homeplate umpire C.B. Bucknor and his variable strike zone, lets remember the 2nd inning when the Yanks had the bases loaded and let the scrub off the hook. One hit there and this kid is in the shower faster than Jared Wright vs. the Mets. With that said, Bucknor is a HORRIBLE umpire.

After that 2nd inning the Yankees hitters were flatter than a Randy Johnson slider.

Wang was up in the zone all night, he's allowed a clunker. BUT, if the Yankees could have hit this AAA pitcher a little, it definately would have helped.

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