31 May 2006


Whatever happened to intimidation in baseball?

8th inning, vs. Detroit. Ex-Yank Marcus Thames takes out Robinson Cano on a late slide into 2nd base to break up a DP. Legal? Sure, even though one could claim that Thames was out of the baseline. Cano was shaken up on the play.

What I was waiting to see...didn't happen.

When Thames came up to bat in the 10th, I fully expected to see Mo bring a heater high and tight.

If that happened, the ex-Yank farmhand would think about it next time.

Thats hard nosed baseball .

1 comment:

susan mullen said...

Marcus Thames had a joyride against the Yanks. I agree about lack of payback with this team. Mussina is the worst at it--after all this time stays 5 feet away from Ortiz. The great Mo
finally made Manny skip rope last time
around which was encouraging and funny.

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