19 March 2006


For many years I have uncerimoniously given out what I call the "DFTY" (Difty) Award.

DFTY= Done For The Year. The award is given to the 1st significant player to be done for the year due to injury.

There were 3 Difty Awards to be had. The pre-spring training Difty to the player who's done before camp starts, the spring training Difty to the player who buys it during camp and the regular season difty to the player who cashes it in once the season begins.

BUT WAIT! We have a NEW DIFTY! The WBC Difty. Awarded to the 1st dope who has a season ending injury while playing in a meaningless exhibiton.

So...the 1st ever WBC DIFTY is hereby awarded to:

Washington Nationals Pitcher Luis Ayala who blew out his elbow and will have Tommy John surgery.

Click here for a description of Tommy John Surgery.

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