28 February 2006


I hope I can get a follow up on this story to see if this security cluck still has a job. I post this not to trash the Yankees, but to bring attention to a bad apple.

Reported by NorthJersey.com

Spring training is supposed to be a time for fans to bond with the players, especially before the preseason games begin. There's no admission charge to watch the leisurely workouts, and it's probably a kid's best chance to score an autograph.

So why was a security guard speeding along both sides of the field on a motorized scooter Monday, ordering kids to move their feet from the top of the dugout? Wait, it wasn't just feet that were forbidden. Even the baseball that one toddler was hoping to get signed was ordered moved.

Why the hassle, we wondered?

Maybe it was the lousy weather -- 72 and cloudless. Maybe the crackdown was ordered by George Steinbrenner, who wasn't even on the field. Or maybe it was just the badge. Nothing like a guy on a power trip to ruin a fan's day.


susan mullen said...

Mike, I've seen stuff like this both
at Legends Field & Yankee Stadium. The
personnel are poorly managed & rude at
best. It's got to stop.

Pinstripe_Mike said...

The more publicity we give it the more attention it will draw. Maybe all of us Yankee bloggers should post this story or simply link to it. Thanks Susan.

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